"Johnson and Suskewicz have raised a battle cry for the kind of leadership we need in these uncertain times." -- SANDI PETERSON | Member, Board of Directors, Microsoft.








SYNOPSIS | An innovative approach to strategy development that empowers leaders to envision the breakthrough opportunities that drive long-term growth—and then implement the initiatives that are needed to bring them to life

We all know visionary leaders when we see them. They’re bold and prophetic and at the same time pragmatic. They don’t just promote change but drive it while inspiring and mobilizing others to do the same.

Transformational business visionaries like Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos, or political figures like Mandela and FDR, possess a range of innate qualities that make them extraordinary, but what truly sets them apart is their ability to turn vision into action.

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In Lead from the Future Mark W. Johnson and Josh Suskewicz introduce a new way of thinking and managing that they call “future-back,” which allows any manager to become a practical visionary. Frankly addressing the many barriers to change that exist in established organizations, they present a systematic approach to overcoming them, laying out:

  • The principles and mindset that enable you and your leadership team to look beyond a typical short-term planning horizon and grasp the challenges and opportunities that will define the future
  • A step by step approach for translating your vision into a strategic plan that your team can align around and commit to
  • A way to infuse visionary thinking into the processes and culture of your whole organization, so that it becomes both a repeatable capability and a way of life


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