Alba Jiménez Gómez

Alba Jiménez Gómez
Alba Jiménez Gómez
Clinical Study Coordinator
EXPERIOR cro & smo

"I feel much more confident when communicating with various business stakeholders"


How I got started with James at Portal 

Earlier this year,  I started working in the Pharmaceutical Sector. One of the keys to success in this industry is being able to communicate clearly, and confidently in English. I have a strong academic foundation but my confidence in how I communicate my ideas and opinions was low.

When I told those closest to me that I wanted to develop my Business English Communication skills so that I could communicate my ideas with clarity and confidence, they recommended I get in touch with James at PORTAL. 

What my training sessions are like

When I started my training with James, we worked on a range of aspects, each focussing on one of my specific needs. James also customized each activity to meet my overall learning objective.

To my surprise, in a relatively short period, I began to feel more comfortable, and confident, when expressing my ideas. After all, most of us have foundational knowledge, we only need the right tools and techniques to help us apply that knowledge. That’s what PORTAL did for me! Finally, after completing my training, I feel much more confident when communicating with various business stakeholders. Something, which I believed would be impossible for me, just a few months ago.

How the training has helped me

When I started my search for a training company, I was looking for something different. I had already been to the official language academies,  where I mastered many of the academic and theoretical principles of English but they never provided any practical application of Communication Skills, in a business environment. This was what I needed and why training with PORTAL was perfect for me!