Begoña Pons

Begoña Pons
Begoña Pons
Historian - Responsable administrativa de ventas

“the classes are fun and they get results!"

How I got started with James at Portal 

Like so many Spanish people, I had been trying to improve my level of English for many years but I had become increasingly frustrated with how boring and repetitive the lessons were. This become more of a problem when I needed to have a higher understanding of the language for my studies and work.

I was introduced to James through a family member that he had helped because he offered a very personal service that had shown quick results and had helped them develop a much deeper understanding of the language.

What my classes are like

In the short time that I’ve been working with James, I’ve had a very good but very interesting experience, let me explain: When I attended language academies in the past, we only worked with two books, a homework book and a student book. In James’s classes, however, we use many different types of dynamic resources designed for native English Speakers, which I feel has given me a better understanding of the language and made the learning process feel more real.

James’s style is a little different but in a good way. The classes are dynamic and are full of energy. You find yourself learning and developing without feeling like you’re having to make a big effort.

How the training has helped me

As a result of my classes with James, I feel much more confident with my use of English. I feel confident to communicate with strangers I meet on the street, who need help. I’m actually enjoying studying English, which I never thought I say and I feel that I’ve also learnt more about business.

Simply put, my classes are fun and they get results!