Isabel González Panizo

Isabel González Panizo
Isabel González Panizo
On-Site Manager
- MSD Sodexo Iberia


“Every class is different, dynamic and practical!"


How I got started with James at Portal 

At the time, I had been attending an English Academy for about three years. The Academy had helped me maintain my level of English but I hadn’t been able to make any significant improvement, which was a little frustrating. I also wanted to develop my business skills for a new position at work and didn’t know how to find the time or the money to do both. Up until that point, the training I had done had been Ok but I felt that something was missing. The teachers were very traditional and I was looking for something a little different and more suited to my personality and style of learning. I wanted results!

I heard about James through one of my colleagues at work and I decided to try a class. I was really happy with the experience but was only able to start classes the following year as I needed to finish the classes that my company had already paid for.

What my classes are like

Honestly, surprising! James is different to other professional trainers that I’ve had because he’s been able to give me the guidance I’ve needed to achieve my professional and personal goals by helping me identify and develop the areas I’m weak in. In a relatively short period of time, I felt very confident communicating in English. It’s a little strange because his classes are more than English classes. Yes, we use English but the focus of the class is on my personal and business goals. Every class is different, dynamic and practical! Each class is centred around me and on where I need to develop. I end up learning many different disciples at the same time, without feeling like I’m in a class, and the best part is that my English automatically improves.

How the training has helped me

I believe James’s class are the perfect combination between developing business skills and English because not only are the classes effective but they’re also fun. For example, since I’ve started training with James, I’ve passed an official Cambridge exam, received a promotion within my company and achieve great results on an important business project. I am really happy to have found James and I am really proud of the results we have achieved over the last year.