Itziar Delgado

Itziar Delgado
Itziar Delgado
BSc Geology

“You actually see yourself improving with each and every class!"

How I got started with James at Portal 

The challenge I had been having with English was that although I’d been learning English for many years, I didn’t feel that my level of mastery was a fair representation of the amount of effort that I had put into it, so I thought it was time to try something different, and this was the reason why I started working with James.

What my classes are like

From the moment I had my first class, I realized that 1-to-1 training sessions were a great idea, and also doing the classes via video conference allow me to be more productive and get more done in my day. The online platform that James uses in his classes allows you to improve your English skills and to be able to measure your improvement, as you develop your English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

How the training has helped me

It has given me more self-confidence to communicate in English, which has made me feel more comfortable with the language, and this has made it possible for me to be able to write and speak with more fluency, not to mention feeling more relax when find myself in unexpected situations where I have to use English.

What makes James different in regard to other Business English teachers, is that with James, you get results! You actually see yourself improving with each and every class.