Julián Morales

Julián Morales
Julián Morales
Property Manager
- CBRE España

“I was able to express myself better in English and I felt I was becoming more knowledgeable about the business world.”

How I got started with James at Portal 

After achieving the Cambridge FCE, I found it very difficult to gain a deeper understanding of the English language and progress to a more advanced level. At the time, I was working for an international company, and Business English was a key requirement for anyone who was serious about wanting to succeed at the company. I remember explaining my frustrations to my line manager, and he suggested I get in contact with James.

My line manager told me that James provided a very specialised service, where he worked 1-on-1 with his clients and designed every class around the client's needs and objectives. A little different to the typical standardised style of teaching I was used to. 

After speaking with my line manager, I was a little curious and so I decided to contact James. What began as an English lesson, soon turned into what I can only explain as being a kind of coaching session. James introduced me to resources and activities which I feel had a significant impact on helping me improve my business skills and performance at work.

What my classes are like

During my classes, I found myself focused on some interesting challenge, and as a result, not only did the time go quickly but I also started to notice that I was able to express myself better in English and I felt I was becoming more knowledgeable about the business world.  

How the training has helped me

After applying what I had learnt in our classes to my daily life, I noticed a number of areas where I started to show progress:

1. The way I organise and chair meetings were better structured and people had clear actions arising.

2. I remember how a colleague from our Portugal office told me how helpful a training session was, thanks to the clear, concise and well-structured communications he’d received.

3. I feel more confident and better able to express my ideas on international conference calls, which has resulted in me receiving more calls than emails now.

4. My family and friends have even highlighted that I seem to be more organised.

In summary, James is different to other teachers I’ve had because everything we do is personalised to my learning needs, which adds more value to my classes. Furthermore, you notice that James is always learning something new, himself. So the content you cover in class is based on the latest developments and trends in the business sector.