Laura Coll

Laura Coll

Laura Coll
Business owner
- Bòtil Menorca


“His style of training, attention to detail and the results he gets are second to none!"


How I got started with James at Portal 

Initially, I began my training with James in person but I moved to another part of Spain and so it wasn’t possible for me to continue the classes. I loved James’s classes because they were not the typically English class I had in past, where you always repeat the same content and activities that you’ve been taught since you were a child. When James told me that he had moved his business online and was now offering 1-to-1 virtual training sessions, I was very happy to continue my training with him because I could have my normal class whilst in the comfort of my home, on holiday or wherever I had an Internet connection.

What my classes are like

James has been great for both my business English and overall business skills. He acts like a coach and helps me create an annual goal with milestones, which helps me develop in key areas.

I love the platform that James uses as it enables us to record everything we do which helps me to see just how much I’m developing.

Regarding my English skills, I need to speak and to write in English with my clients because most of them are English speakers. I have a high level of comprehension in English but my speaking and writing levels are a little lower. It’s also important for me to be confident with my pronunciation and clear in my explanations to customers so as to prevent any possible situations of miscommunication which could result in unhappy customers.

Regarding my business skills, as an owner and manager of my company, I’m constantly working on developing my weaknesses to enable me to do what I can to grow my business. Some of the goals we work on can range from increasing my self-confidence to improving my organisational skills.

How the training has helped me

Over the years, I believe James has really helped me to identify and focus on what is important for me and my business, and in developing the skills that I need to manage my company effectively. For example, I’m developing a new area of my business and I’m now studying a master's degree to obtain the knowledge that I will need to help me be successful in this area. My challenge, however, is when it comes to making decisions and having the self-confidence I need when dealing with this new area of business. James helped me to establish a specific goal to develop this area, he found dynamic resources for me and we’ve been working on it for the past few months. We still have a way to go but I’m feeling much more confident than when I first began.

Over the past 25 years, I worked with a wide range of teachers and trainers in different fields, and in my opinion, James comes out on top! His style of training, attention to detail and the results he gets are second to none!