Maite Bernabeu Bou

Maite Bernabeu Bou
Gerente de Área. Customer Relationship Team Leader, Hematology Area - Novartis Oncology

“every class is personalised and completely designed around my needs”

How I got started with James at Portal 

When I started my English classes with James I was just looking for a conversational English teacher. I felt comfortable reading English but not when it came to speaking or writing. I wasn’t looking for anything specifically related to business.

The problem I had, was my business schedule because it was constantly changing, so I needed to find an English teacher or English academy that could accommodate my challenging work schedule. James made it possible for me to literally have my English classes from any location and he was able to provide the right amount of flexibility to accommodate my crazy schedule.

What my classes are like

How to describe James’s classes? Very different to what I was expecting! I was looking for a conversational English teacher and what I found was someone who was able to help me with my business whilst helping me master my command of the English language.

How the training has helped me

I can confidently say that my English has greatly improved. I have many examples but two recent situations really stand out:

1. I attended an internal high-level business meeting, in English, with our global leadership team, and I was able to communicate clearly and confidently. If I had attended the same meeting a year earlier, this would not have been possible.

2. I’ve recently been promoted to a leadership position in my company and James has been able to help me navigate some of the challenging situation that I‘ve encountered. James doesn’t follow a standardised curriculum, each and every class is personalised and completely designed around my needs and how I need to use the language, which is done in a safe and friendly environment.