Óscar Sánchez del Cura

Óscar Sánchez del Cura
Capital Project Leader
- ISS Facility Services.

“My time with James is the best investment I make all year!”


How I got started with James at Portal 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been studying English. From when I was a child at school, to my days at University and then at Academies when I began my working career. I put in a lot of work but never felt I got the right results for my effort. As the years went by, I still found it impossible to understand people who spoke to me in English, and so I lost confidence, I was frustrated and really wanted to find a solution that could help me finally develop the confidence to communicate in English.

I remember having a conversation with a colleague over three years ago, where they told me that they had been having 1-to-1 English classes online, and if I wanted, I could join them in their next session. I was a little desperate a the time and remember thinking “Why not? I have nothing to lose!”, and that was how I met James and began my classes.

What my classes are like

One thing that I didn’t expect, was that James would be able to help me improve my business skills. Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work on developing my skills in communication, delegation, reading body language, mental agility, finance, how to structure presentations, how to utilise LinkedIn, How to have more balance in my life (both in my professional and private life), etc.

James expanded on my original desire for English communication by helping identify opportunities to develop my communication and business skills in everyday life. I consider James to be more than just my teacher, he’s a friend! I can talk to him about any situation I have in my life. From issues at work, general frustrations, what I did over the weekend to my love of cars and motorbikes. 

How the training has helped me

In the three years that James has been helping me I believe that I’ve learnt a lot about business and I’ve been able to progress in my company because of the following reasons:

1. I can understand people when they speak to me in English, and I feel confident when I need to communicate in English.

2. I feel more professional and better prepared for handling my day to day business challenges. It’s incredible, no matter how stressed I am at the beginning of a training session with James, by the end of sessions I’ve almost forgotten why I was stressed, to begin with.

As a rust of all the hard work we’ve done, I have been promoted to Capital Project Lead and I now have the opportunity to organize my life so that it’s more balanced, enabling me to enjoy more time with my family.

James is different to any other teacher or trainer that I’ve had in the past because his style is new and innovative. He has a great ability to help you overcome your frustration with English. What started with me wanting to only improve my English has evolved into me also acquiring new skills in management and business.

My time with James is the best investment I make all year! I would recommend him to anyone.