Are you the type of learner who wants access to high-quality content when you want, and where you want? Do you like learning at your own pace? If you answered ‘YES’ to both those questions, then the Independent Learner account is for you. Portal Business Training offers three levels of participation:

L1: Free Account

A great way to get a taste of Portal and stay up to date with what we've got going on.


  1. Receive exclusive offers on training packages
  2. Access to high-quality articles
  3. Start your day right and receive a daily dose of Portal inspiration direct to your inbox 

L2: BlueBottleBiz Subscription

Access to one of the largest cloud-based libraries in the world focusing on business-relevant content.


  1. +40,000 books and videos,
  2. +4 languages,
  3. +5,000 Discovery Paths,
  4. +400 Global Publishers

L3: OpenSesame Plus Subscription

Access the broadest, deepest, freshest catalogue of business training courses in the world. 


  1. +3,000 courses from award-winning providers
  2. +15 languages
  3. A wide range of categories including Business Skills, Technology, Certifications and more...
  4. Available Instantly!

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