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Open SesameWe make e-learning accessible, easy to implement, and rewarding for everyone. OpenSesame makes buying and selling e-learning courses as easy as downloading a song from iTunes. Preview courses, read reviews and research sellers in our marketplace. Buy courses with no subscriptions or long-term commitments and use them instantly.

We enjoy simplifying processes and making systems better. It’s what excites us and keeps us energised. While running an LMS for the trade industry, we were frustrated by the lack of compelling content and gruelling sales process to gain access to courses. We recognised the innovative techniques being used in the digital media realm and realised a similar process could be used to empower businesses to create a custom course catalogue for their employee development. Since our launch in July 2011, we’ve focused on building out our content with the goal to be the largest marketplace for online training courses.

We value transparency and simplicity in order to provide a fantastic customer experience. At OpenSesame, we measure our success based on the ease and speed of your experience.





Blue Bottle Biz


Blue Bottle BizWe have one of the largest cloud-based libraries in the world focusing on business relevant content.

BlueBottleBiz is dedicated to helping today's professionals learn. Our mission is to help our members easily grow their talent and share knowledge, incorporating learning into every day.

We believe that knowledge leads to action, and having relevant information at the right moment helps our members make better decisions.

In 2012, we set out to create a truly collaborative learning platform. Our vision is still the same today - by combining professional content with collaborative tools, we will enable easy sharing of knowledge across the globe.