HEALTH & WELLNESS | Mental Resilience Training


This course is dedicated to teaching skills that enhance performance and strengthen the response to stress, change and uncertainty.  Our training prepares individuals and groups to adapt, learn, and succeed in highly challenging operational environments. By following this training program as instructed and committing to practising the activities on a regular basis, participants can expect: 

  • To be more effective, centred, autonomous, and self-actualising in their personal and professional lives.
  • To access their capacity to accomplish goals with balance, wisdom, and ease, and thereby to improve organisational effectiveness.
  • To build individual and organisational resilience to today’s demanding, stressful, and uncertain operational environments.


Pre-course Assessment

  1. The Power Of Habits
  2. Mindfulness
  3. Journaling
  4. Identifying Your Self Explanatory Style & Learned optimism
  5. Understanding The Power Of Happiness
  6. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
  7. The Importance Of Sleep
  8. Work-Life Balance

Post-course Assessment 

"HOW WOULD I DESCRIBE MY EXPERIENCE OF THE THE MRT COURSE? ONE WORD... INCREDIBLE!" - Jacinto Benitez Martinez | Business Architect at Salesforce 


Course Level: Intermediate/Advanced

English Language Level: Intermediate/Advanced

This training is ideal for Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Directors and Business Owners or anyone wanting to learn, the necessary skills to help reduce the levels of stress in their life, overcome feelings of anxiety and develop their ability to cultivate increased levels of happiness



18x 1-hr training sessions


Anywhere that has a strong and stable internet connection! The training is online and held via Zoom Video Conference.


Live, Instructor-led training (ILT)

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