3. Power Pack 13

Product Overview:

All of us, at some point in time, have experienced feelings of stress and anxiety when needing to prepare for HIGH-VALUE short-term objectives, be it preparing for a job interview, a business presentation or negotiating that all important pay increase.

Our Power Pack 13 course is an intensive Business English course which is perfect for helping you achieve rapid results for very specific short-term objectives!



3 months


  • 13x  1-to-1 training sessions
  • Complimentary access to our Learning Management System
  • Complimentary access to +20,000 courses from the world's leading publishers
  • Complimentary access to +40,000 books and videos (from +400 Global Publishers)


  • 1-to-1 training that is designed to meet your objectives and learning style
  • Increased Mastery of Business English
  • Learn to apply practical business skills that get quick results 
  • Receive rapid feedback to help speed up your learning process
  • A flexible training schedule that adapts to your busy lifestyle 
  • Communicate confidently and clearly about business activities, in English 

Useful Information:

  • To find out how you can finance your training at 0% interest APR, please contact us through our STUDENT SERVICES page.
  • Save a further 10% when making two or more purchases of this item

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