3. WORKSHOPS: Learn How To Master Asana

It was Benjamin Franklin who first said, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

In this package, there are two powerful workshops, to really help Asana users level up their skills and gain the best return on their investment.

Workshop 1 is designed for beginners and will teach them how to:

  • Build an organized project
  • Add actionable tasks to projects that answer: who’s doing what, by when
  • Streamline communication with teammates using Asana
  • Manage daily workload with Asana

Workshop 2 is designed for more advanced users and will teach them 5 powerful tips for Remote Working in Asana:

  1. Use ‘Drop-In Projects’ to replace one-off chats & ideas
  2. Keep your team up to date by using Project Status Updates and threaded discussion
  3. Provide context with Conversations and comments
  4. Indicate when and where work is taking place with Custom Fields
  5. Practice balancing accessibility and availability with ‘away’ features, like Do Not Disturb


Bronze: Asana Basics -W1 Silver: Remote work with Asana - W2 Gold: Workshop 1 + 2


This is a hands-on practical workshop to help beginners learn the fundamentals of Asana


145 EUR p/p


This Workshop is designed to share tips for teams Working Remotely in Asana


165 EUR p/p


Perfect for those wanting to take their Asana knowledge from zero -to- hero, FOR LESS!


295 EUR p/p

*If you're looking for custom workshops or enterprise pricing then CLICK HERE to book a time to discuss your needs. 

PORTAL, is a member of the Asana Together Program, the training is delivered by an Asana Certified Pro, and our goal is to help you hit your goals. All you need to do is take that first step and select your package! 

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